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Monday 1st February - Geography







WALA: The river Nile


Over 5000 years ago the Ancient Egyptian civilisation started on the banks of the River Nile. Locate Egypt and the river Nile on Google maps. The river is about 6,850km (4,260 miles) long – the longest river in Africa and in the world. Only about 22% of its length is in Egypt. Use Google maps to identify some other African countries that the river Nile flows through (write them down). Which sea does the Nile empty into? (This happens in the north of Egypt.)


On Google maps, look again at the Nile in Egypt. Switch to a satellite image, what do you notice about the land around the river Nile compared to land further away for the Nile in Egypt? What do you notice about the position of many of the towns and cities in Egypt? Write down your ideas and answers to all these questions as you are exploring the Nile using digital maps. The answers are all in the resources.


Read through the vocabulary on the first page of the PowerPoint. Then watch the first 15 minutes of this clip to find out about the three parts of a river. Do the advective challenges but don’t do the bonus challenges (this is much more detail than we need to go into). Rivers 3: The Three Courses of a River ┇ Geography at Home - Full Online Lesson - YouTube

Then read the rest of the PowerPoint to recap what you have just seen in the clip. At the end of the PowerPoint there are 3 activities. You can choose between challenge 1 or challenge 2 activities.