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Wednesday 3rd February – Well-being Wednesday 



1.   Create your own marble run- Using toilet rolls, kitchen rolls or any type of tube you can find J, create a marble run. You can do this by attaching the tubes to the back of a door, garden fence or a slope and see if you can create a course where a ball/marble can run from one end to the next. If you make it out of plastic bottles (you may need help cutting these) you could create a waterfall run outside. 


2.   Create your very own puzzle. You could find a picture from a magazine, a photo (with permission) or even draw your own picture first. Turn it over and draw puzzle piece shapes all connected, or even just shapes on the back. Carefully cut them out and see if you or a family member can piece it back together again.    


3. Go on a shape hunt. How many different/obscure shapes can you find? Inside/outside on a walk/o bike ride. You could hunt just for 2D shapes or just 3D or both. What is the shape you see the most? You could create a chart before you go with the shapes you think you might see so you can tally them every time you do.