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Thursday 4th February – Science

WALA How sounds are made 




We are starting a new science topic today – sound! First of all write down on a piece of paper anything that you know about sound. This could be some vocabulary to do with sounds or a fact you know about it. You can add to your work at the end of the lesson when you have learnt more. First of all watch this short clip that explains how sound travels  


Yes, sound travels due to vibrations being made which travel through the air and into your ear (the ear is very complicated and we will learn about that in a future lesson)




Watch and listen to the teacher led video clip


How Sound Travels.mp4

Still image for this video


Look at the PDF. There is a short investigation to carry out. You just need some string and a metal spoon


Challenge 1: 

What happens if you change... • the length of the string? • the size of the spoon? • the wooden ruler to a plastic one? • the spoon for a fork?


Challenge 2:

Can you place the spoon in water (sorry adults!) and see what happens to the vibrations and sounds?


Challenge 3:

If you do this challenge you will need to have done challenge 1 or 2 first.

Can you draw a diagram showing your investigation and use the following vocabulary; vibrations, sound, ear, air. 


End of lesson

A bit of fun to finish. Can you guess the sound on the clip? Play each sound then pause. However, can you work out what is vibrating and making the noise? For example, if you can hear the wind in the trees then it means the leaves and branches are vibrating, or if you can hear a human being it is their larynx that is vibrating. These in turn move the molecules. You can find the answers on a separate document. Remember that all sound is caused by vibrations (tiny movements of objects).