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WALA: Anglo-Saxon houses.


Last week, you created and designed your own Saxon village and I received a lot that you had done in different ways:  I had Minecraft designs, Lego villages, empty cereal boxes were used and many more.  it was fantastic to see the many ingenious ways in which you completed the task.


This week, we will be looking at the houses that made up the villages.  There will be 2 tasks for this activity and you can research some information on the internet if you are unsure.  There is also the powerpoint from last week in Resources that may help you.


The first task is labelling a house.  In Resources, there are 2 challenges so please choose the one you think you can complete.  The answers are on the second slide.


In the second task, which has 3 challenges, there are questions about the house as well as you having to draw items onto the diagrams.