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WALA : The Jewish festival of Pesach (Passover)


This week in RE, we will be looking at the Jewish festival of Pesach, otherwise known as Passover.  This is a very important holiday, as it celebrates the Jewish people leaving Egypt where they had been slaves.  It includes how God set the 10 plagues of Egypt on the pharaoh because he wouldn't allow the Jewish people to leave. You will learn about the Seder Plate and the food that makes it up and why this food is on the plate.  


Read through the Powerpoint, which includes a BBC clip to view of the Seder meal.  In the powerpoint are 3 activities, 2 checking that you have been listening and reading accurately and the 3rd being a Meal to Remember which would be your favourite meal!


There is another BBC clip which explains the 10 plagues on if you are interested and would like to find out more detail.