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Sutton Hoo. 



Today you are going to imagine you are an archaeologist.  You are going to imagine you have excavated a site and have found some artefacts.

Now an archaeologist would carefully look at the artefacts and answer particular questions:

What material did they use to make the item?  How did they make it? (Did they carve it, smelt it or mould it?) Who used the item? 



Your first task for today is to look at the examining artefacts sheet (see resources).  Choose one of the artefacts that you would like to ‘discover’.  Use your imaginations to answer some of the questions. 

You can find the real artefacts answers in resources after you have done your ‘discovery’. 

Once you have done that you are going to create a leaflet or poster to explain all about Sutton Hoo.  You will need to include the following information:
-where the site is

-when the site was excavated and who by

-what was found at the site.

I have added 2 Powerpoints from the British Museum about Sutton Hoo.  They show actual photos of the dig (enjoy).


Still image for this video