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Monday 8th February - History:


WALA Hieroglyphics and how they were used by the Ancient Egyptians





Today we are going to learn about how the Ancient Egyptians communicated with written language. These were known as hieroglyphics. Watch the teacher led clip in resources to understand what they were and what they were used for.


Of course, many years ago, archaeologists did not know what the hieroglyphs meant. Let us look at the wonderful work of Jean-Francis Champollion who deciphered them. Watch the teacher led clip in resources to find out a little about this world famous Egyptologist.




Challenge 1 Find the names of four Ancient Egyptian cities and using the hieroglyphics key write them out using Hieroglyphics. (use the resource sheet at the bottom of the page)


Challenge 2 Create your own Ancient Egyptian Cartouche. See the this video clip for step by step instructions


Challenge 3 Using the Champillion resource and this video clip of Champollion’s life can you create a storyboard biography that explains what he discovered. It is worth taking some notes when you watch the video.

Hieroglyphics lesson.mp4

Still image for this video