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Wednesday 10th February


Wellbeing Wednesday




Some can be done inside and some can be done outside, dependant on the weather.  


This week's activities are: 



1. A super fairground game that you can play outside, or inside (away from expensive ornaments!). You need some tin cans (make sure an adult has checked them so there are no sharp parts). You can decorate if you like in the picture below. You need a soft ball/hard ball (dependent if you are inside or outside), but even a rolled up sock will be fine, but make sure it is clean! Play with a family member and have three (or more throws). Can anyone get them all down in three, two or one throw? Can you adapt the game e.g. stand further away or perhaps wear a blindfold (adult supervision of course!). Have fun with this game that will keep you off the screens and improve your athletic ability!





2. Junk Modelling Challenge. Start collecting items from around your house such as boxes, plastic bottles, kitchen roll tubes, plastic containers for fruit and cardboard boxes. You will need some glue scissors and perhaps some adult supervision for some of the tasks. You may also want some coloured pencils and coloured wool/string (if you have any) to brighten up your model. Here are the challenges. Choose one of these ideas and... 

  1. Design a machine that will clean 
  2. Make a rocket ship that can fly to the moon
  3. Build a model of your ideal bedroom
  4. Construct a tower as tall as you are!
  5. Put together your idea robo-pet.


Send a photo through Class Dojo to show your finished work.



3. Go on a colour hunt. This week, to continue the ‘finding theme’ we are going to ask you to go on a colour hunt. Here are the list of 16 of the main colours (you may add more to the list you should prepare before you go out "black", "white", "grey", "silver", "maroon", "red", "purple", "fuchsia (a vivid reddish purple)", "green", "lime", "olive", "yellow", "navy", "blue", "teal", and "aqua". Remember to walk, scooter and ride your bike around the village to see if you can find all of these colours even in the depth of winter. Enjoy the fresh air and find these colours. Remember to be with an adult at all times and take care when you are crossing the road.