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Thursday 11th February – PSHE



WALA people who give selflessly


As you know Sir Captain Tom Moore sadly passed away last week at the age of 100. He raised millions of pounds for the National Health Service by walking round the grounds of his care home 100 times. Amazing! Watch this short clip to remind you of his amazing story. 


Many people, like Tom Moore act selflessly (which is the opposite of being selfish). Watch this short clip and discuss the following questions with an adult. Why was the boy happy at the beginning?

What did he do that was selfless? Why do you think his mum was not angry with him? Is there a moral behind the short story?


Captain Tom gave selflessly at the end of his life and never gave up when trying to help others. It is a lesson to all of us to give rather than just take.


Challenge 1 


Use one of the Captain Tom sheets (in the lesson resources below). to write some super words to describe him and what he did. Use an online thesaurus to help you get the best vocabulary. When you have at least 15 words you can then colour in the picture. A few words you could use would be; amazing, heroic, brave, courageous (these are just to start you off)


Challenge 2


Write a letter to Captain Tom telling him how amazing he was and how much you appreciate his selfless act. You could read this to and see their reaction to your fantastic letter. Just a few simple Steps to Success to guide you below. When finished you could decorate the letter with some appropriate images such as the NHS logo and the Union Jack


‘Dear Captain Tom’ at the start

Finish with ‘Yours sincerely’

Formal language

Lots of lovely and kind adjectives


Challenge 3 


Can you create a poem for Captain Tom showing him how amazing you think he was and describing the amazing things that he did at the end of his life? Remember your poem doesn’t have to rhyme (it can be written in free form with no rhyming or particular rhythm). Here is an example verse to get you started.


Captain Tom, you walked so far,

You never got tired or gave up,

Courageously, you walked and walked,

In a wonderful selfless act of kindness.


When finished you could decorate the letter with some appropriate images such as the NHS logo and the Union Jack.




Lesson Resources