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WALA – Jesus & his 12 Disciples 



Today we are going to learn about how Jesus chose some of his Disciples (there were also known as his apostles – people who believed in Jesus and felt a strong bond with him and his beliefs. Begin the lesson by watching the clip and noting down the names of the 12 disciples. The video tells us how the bible told readers how he met some of them. Also, look through the powerpoint in resources which tells you the names of the disciples and how Jesus met them according to the bible.



Challenge 1. Pick two of the disciples and draw them accurately. Using what you have learnt in this lesson, or using guided Internet research can you write a paragraph explaining who they were and how they met Jesus?


Challenge 2Can you match up the disciples with their description (hint: you will know some, but you may have to do some research to match up some of the disciples.


Challenge 3. What does the choice of disciples tell you about attitudes towards women back in these times? Why do you think there were just male disciples?