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Tuesday 8th February 2021 - Computing

WALA: Staying safe on the Internet


Today is ‘Safer Internet Day 2021’ and we are going to remind you of how you can stay safe on the Internet, while enjoying all of its benefits and possibilities.


Visit this page as it tells you how to game, explore and communicate on the Internet safely. Before you read each section, it would be fantastic for you to tell an adult how you keep yourself safe on the web.




Open the PowerPoint (or PDF version) and work through these 3 activities.


  1. Online Choices Compass – read through each scenario and decide what you think (there are 5 different choices: That’s okay; That’s not okay; That’s okay if nobody find out; I’m not sure about this; It depends). Discuss your answer with an adult, but think really carefully before you decide.



   2. Feelings - think how the scenarios on the ‘feelings’ slide would make the person feel and discuss each one with an                 adult. Extension: can you come up with your own scenario to do with staying safe online?


   3. The last activity is all about the vocabulary that people use online. For example, if you understand that phishing is               dangerous then when you hear that word you know that sites that are proven to be phishing are dangerous. See if you         can match up the words to their definitions. How many can you get on your own? If you are stuck then use a dictionary         or ask an adult.


End of Lesson


Watch this short video which has children of your age discussing how they stay safe online. Do you agree with this? Discuss with an adult


Safer Internet Day 2021 films | Safer Internet Centre