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WALT: understand our emotions


This last year has been extremely hard for adults and children alike.  Having lockdowns for as long as we have has resulted in some difficulty in our wellbeing.  It is important that we concentrate on our emotions and can recognise what emotion we are feeling and how best to deal with it.  It is also good if you can identify these emotions in other people. 


When we started this year, we spoke a lot about ELLI and the animals and their traits.  Can you remember the animals and to what each of them related?


In Resources, you will see a powerpoint called 'Understanding our Emotions'.  Read through the powerpoint and think about the emotions you have felt over the last few weeks.


Once you have read through this, there are 2 activities; one is an emotion word search in which you need to complete a sentence with an emotion and the other is a board game in which you can discuss and draw emojis that relate to your emotions.