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WALT: find out about Saxon life by looking at the Sutton Hoo ship burial.


By about the year 600AD, England was divided into small Anglo-Saxon kingdoms, each ruled by a king.  Much of what we know about the Anglo-Saxons comes from graves like the one discovered at Sutton Hoo in Suffolk.


Near the River Deben in Suffolk, at Sutton Hoo, are eleven mounds or 'barrows' dating back to the 7th century. In 1939 archaelogists explored the largest mound and discovered a ship buried in the mound.  What was found at Sutton Hoo has actually been made into a Netflix film, called The Dig which will be out this year!


Watch the following BBC clip which explains what Sutton Hoo is and how it was found:  As you watch it, look at the different artefacts that were found and make a list of them.  Stop the clip as you are going if you need to make notes.  Also, try to answer the following questions:

               to find out about the Sutton Hoo excavation and the artefacts found at the site.


More information about Sutton Hoo can be found on the British Museum website:, and Saxon&display=true&image=true&view=grid&sort=object_name__asc&page=1 and the National Trust website:


In Resources there is an activity sheet from the National Trust about Sutton Hoo – the information to answer the questions can be found on the National Trust website and through