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Thursday 25th February - Science



WALA -how we hear things


Next week in science you will be carrying out an exciting sound investigation so you will need two plastic cups and some string (also wool, cotton and twine if possible!)


In our last science lesson we looked at how sound travels due to vibrations. This week we are going to learn about how we actually hear things and in particular the structure of the ear, so lots of what we call biology.


Begin by watching the video clip. Take notes on how sounds travel through the ear which as you can see is a complicated and complex system. Did you know that the smallest bone in the human body, the stapes, is found in the ear? Click here to see its size relative to a penny.


For more detail on the structure of the ear watch the teacher lead video below



The Structure of the Ear.mp4

Still image for this video

Challenge 1

Draw a coloured and accurate diagram of the ear with labels.


Challenge 2

In your own words can you define all of the vocabulary you have used for your diagram e.g. the outer ear is visible, is funnel shaped and is connected to the middle ear.


Challenge 3

Watch this video clip (up to 3.30) and describe in your own words how sound enters your ear and reaches your brain 


End of lesson


Complete the short quiz