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WALT: understand the Anglo-Saxon religion.


Today's lesson is to learn about some of the Anglo-Saxon gods and goddesses.  There were many of them in this time however this lesson only concentrates on 7 of them and also introduces what 'Paganism' is.


In Resources, there are 2 files.  The first one is on gods and goddesses and explains a little bit about what each of them were responsible for and also a little bit about them and what they were like.  If you are fans of the Marvel films, you will see some names that you may recognise.  Within the powerpoint, on each slide, is a question or questions that are highlighted in red for you to answer.


On the final slide is a task; here you need to look at the gods and goddesses and try to work out what days of the week came from some of the gods and goddesses.  4 of our days of the week come from the powerpoint, can you guess which ones?  


After you have done that task, you can look at the second file, on days of the week, where you will find the answers and also further information.