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Thursday 4th March - Science  


WALT: plan an investigation 


This week you are going to plan a scientific investigation. For this investigation you will need:


  • Plastic cups
  • String
  • Cotton (optional)
  • Twine (optional)
  • Wool (optional).
  • Scissors


Firstly, let’s remind ourselves how to plan an investigation (also known as a fair test). Watch this clip which explains how to carry out a fair test. This has nothing to do with sound. 


You will need to make a string telephone with your string (or other materials – depending on what you are going to investigate and your plastic/polystyrene cups. Follow this clip for some instructions. There is an option to make a knot for the string or you can use paper clips if you have any handy.


Now watch the teacher led video that explains how to carry out and record the investigation. There are lots of opportunities for you to stop the video and answer questions and for you to think about how you want to investigate sound and how it travels.


Challenge 1 


Carry out the investigation. What did you find out? Explain in your conclusion


Challenge 2


Can you include on your conclusion a bar chart that shows what you have found out? (see resources for an example)


Challenge 3


Can you explain (using the two previous week’s work and some scientific vocabulary) how the sound has travelled from on user to another?

Science Investigation.mp4

Still image for this video