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Friday 5th March - History




WALA: Ancient Egyptian soldiers and warfare


This afternoon you will be learning about how the Ancient Egyptians fought battles and what their army was like in terms of weapons and clothing. To be begin watch this clip and make some notes about the following three subjects.


  1. Who the Ancient Egyptians fought
  2. What clothes the army wore
  3. What weapons they used 


Now look at the teacher led video in the resources which goes into greater detail about the Ancient Egyptians army and how they changed over time


Challenge 1 


Draw and label a soldier from before the Hyskos invasion and one from after the invasion.


Challenge 2


List and draw all of the weapons mentioned in the two videos. Can you order them from what you think would the most effective in battle to the least effective?


Challenge 3


Imagine you are an Egyptian soldier. Write a diary entry for a typical day. You can include a battle, but not too gory please! Remember to include your thoughts and feeling and also some of the weapons and clothing you may have used and the places you may have visited e.g. chariots, spears, Memphis, River Nile, Lower Egypt, Upper Egypt. 



End of lesson 


Take the quiz to see how much you have learnt in this lesson!

Lesson Resources

Ancient Egyptian Army & Warfare.mp4

Still image for this video