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Good Morning Hedgehogs!

A new day and new lessons, keep going you are all doing amazingly!

Don’t forget Zoom call today at 10.30.

Tuesday 19th January 2021



What you will need

Zoom call

10.30 – Codes will be on Class Dojo J

Today will be another maths focus, looking at how we can work through word problems and understand what they are asking as to do. You will need a pencil and paper/ pen or a  whiteboard to show me some of your working out.  

Zoom codes – found on our class story of Class Dojo


Something to write with


WALT - answer multiplication word problems.

1. Warm up your maths brains with me on Zoom.

2. Answer some word problems with me on zoom, don’t forget about all the ways we have learnt to answer multiplication questions.. counting on, repeating addition, drawing out a representation…

3. Choose one of the challenge worksheets to complete, remember to write down the calculation the word problem is asking you to do before you answer it.

Challenge worksheet

Found in the resource section below.


WALT describe a setting.

  1. Warm up your brain by playing a game on Espresso, which will remind you what an adjective is (adjectives are words which are used to describe).
  2. activity/item910668/grade1/module910307/collection910370/section912021/index.html

We are going to look at another story set in China this week called ‘The Magic Paintbrush’.

  1. Begin by watching the story on Espresso, using this link
  2. module/video/item727940/grade2/module719372/index.html
  3. Look at the ‘settings’ document. Choose one of the settings to describe using adjectives. Remember to write in sentences, using capital letters and full stops.
  4. As a final challenge, ask a grown up if they can send your setting writing to your teacher. We will put it on the class story for others to read and see if they can guess the setting you have choosen!

Espresso UN and password

username: student35479 password: maylandsea


Settings document – found in the resources below.


Look for a book on Bug Club, read it and answer all the bug questions, get a dojo point for reading on Bugclub.

Bug club username and password

Topic - PE

WALT- invent our own sport.

Look around your house and garden and find 3 pieces of ‘equipment’ you can use to create a new game- e.g.

  • a rolled up pair of socks or a soft ball, or table tennis ball, or bean bag
  • a skipping rope or a crack in your pavement
  • a tennis racket or a light frying pan or your hand
  • a basket, a plastic bowl, a plastic cup

Think about how you can create a new activity using those 3 pieces of ‘equipment’. Think about-

  • What you could call it
  • How you could score it-keep the numbers 1-5 or 1-3 so we can add up too
  • How could you make the game more challenging? E.g.
  • Stand further away,
  • use a different throwing technique,
  • making the target smaller,
  • using your other hand,
  • closing one eye,
  • setting yourself a time limit (pressure) and trying to achieve a number by then
  • doing it at the same time as someone else
  • doing it faster…..

For example, stand 2m away from a linen basket and aim your rolled up socks into it. Once successful 3 times, take one step backwards- can you still get 3/3? Then close one eye and try again.

Tell us on class dojo about your new game, maybe some of the other children could learn how to play it too.

Anything you can find


Tasks as a word document

English Resource