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Early Morning Activity


How many star jumps/press up/ sit ups can you do? Count out loud as you do them. Can you do 20? You should feel nice and energised ready to do your home learning activities for the day. 

Good Morning Bumblebees!


Please find your work for today below. You are doing so well and I am incredibly proud of you all. You can do this.  


Tuesday 2nd February 2021



What you will need


As a fun starter I would like you to place a selection of numbers from 1 to 10 (1-20 for a challenge) around the room or outdoor area. I would like an adult or sibling to call out a number for you to run to. Did you run to the right number?



I would like you to watch the video'Combining 2 groups'- .  Complete the activity on the right hand side of the video ( I have also saved the activity as a PDF below). You would use objects from around the house to help you. You are all doing really well with adding two numbers together to find the total amount so I know you are going to be amazing at this. 

Number cards (1-10 or 1-20).


Objects from around the house. 






Today I would like you to watch my Phonics video below. We will be getting our hands ready for handwriting practice( page 13 of the 'English Handwriting Workbook') and learning a new digraph 'ng'. Please complete the activities I ask you to do in the video.

Paper and a pencil. 


You may wish to have the 'Letter rhymes' sheet with you to help with handwriting practice. 


English Handwriting Workbook- You can still collect these from the school office. 


I would like you to choose your favourite story book that you have at home. Tell an adult what is happening in the pictures. 

Your favourite story book.


Today I would like you to remind yourself of the story of 'Little Red Riding Hood'. If you have this story at home, I would like an adult to read it to you. If you do not have this book then please do not worry, you can watch the following video-

/video/item688950/grade1/module688839/index.html?source=search-all-all-all-all&source-keywords=little%20red%20riding%20hood (Username- student35479  Password- maylandsea). 


In this version of the story, Little Red Riding Hood takes the cake to Grandma in a basket. Instead of a basket, I would like you to design a bag suitable for Little Red Riding Hood. Will your bag have holes in it? Will your bag have handles? What will your bag be made out of? Remember it needs to be nice and strong to carry a cake. I would now like you to label your design. Remember to use your robot arms and the phase 2/3 sound mat to help you. 


Tuesday 2nd March 2021


Still image for this video