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Good Morning ladybird Class!

A new day and new lessons, keep going you are all doing amazingly!

Don’t forget Zoom call today at 9.30.

Tuesday 2nd March 2021



What you will need

Zoom call

9.30 – Codes will be on Class Dojo J

Today will be based your maths this week.

Also if you have anything exciting to tell us or show us, please have this ready too.

Zoom codes – found on our class story of Class Dojo


Something to write with


WALT recognise tens and ones

In our zoom session I will explain today’s task . We will be using part whole diagrams to split numbers into tens and ones.

If you can not make the zoom lesson I have recorded a video to explaining tens and ones.


Once you have been on zoom or watched the video draw part whole diagrams for these numbers splitting them into tens and ones. You can draw the tens and ones or write them.

For more support watch this


43           35

26           30

12           48    


Video If you can not attend the zoom meeting


Paper and pencil


WALT add speech to a story

  1. Warm up Kung Fu punctuation
  2. Listen to Mrs Foster read The Gruffalo. How many rhyming words did you hear? Can you write some down (not all of them, there’s too many!) Can you hear how each animal invites the mouse for dinner? There is a lot of speech in this story.
  3. Today you are going to think about what the characters could be saying to each other, using the sheets below. You don’t have to print these sheets; you can write or draw the characters instead. Add sentences into the speech bubbles for each character. Remember capital letters to start your sentences. Can you use a question mark or exclamation mark if needed?
  4. When you have finished your writing take it in turns to be a character from the story. Act out your speech bubbles. Can you do a large, scary voice for the Gruffalo? What about a quiet, confident voice for the mouse?











Gruffalo speech bubbles

found in the resources below.


WALA Long I as in find

The letter I can be pronounced  as a short sound as in pig or a long sound as in find.

Watch the video link and join in the phonics lesson.


Now play cheeky chimps on phonics play choose the letter i


Video Link




Phonics Play

username: jan21

password: home


Look for a book on Bug Club, read it and answer all the bug questions, get a dojo point for reading on Bugclub.


Topic  -Music

Walt: Use pulse and rhythm

Another super singing lesson with beat and rhythm.

Listen to the teacher and try to copy the beats and the singing.

I would love to see some of the movements you could make for the music at the end of the lesson.



Tasks as a word document

Maths video if you can not attend zoom

Still image for this video

The Gruffalo

Still image for this video