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Good Morning Ladybird Class!

Half way through the week, keep going you are all doing amazingly!




What you will need


Watch the maths video below. It will go through a ppt all about adding by counting on.

Then there are some problems for you to find the answers to

Watch video below

challenge 1 sheet

extra challenge sheet

found in maths resources


It is tricky word Wednesday! Join in with the tricky words song.

Today we will be learning the tricky words

Mr Mrs have  like

Follow along with the video and practise reading and spelling these tricky words.

Tricky word song

Video link



WALT- create a story map.

  1. Today you are going to be told the story of the Magic Paintbrush. Use this link and start the clip from 7 mins 10 seconds.

Once the clip has finished please try drawing your own story map of The Magic Paintbrush (as you have been shown on the clip).

Please keep this story map as you will be using it this week and next week.



Another OTTER time, choose a book you hardly ever read and look through the pages to try and remember the story.

A good book

Topic - Geography

WALA- the features of China.

1. Watch -

2. If you can, print the map so you can colour the features. (If not open it up as a word document and insert images on top or draw over it using the insert options)

Colour the Great wall of China in red.

Mark the rivers with blue lines.

Count how many lakes you can see.

Can you find out about the Himalayas and where they cross into China? Highlight this on the map.

3. How long do you think it will take to travel from one side of China to the other – right across the country?  In a train? Or a car? Or by plane? (On the map the yellow arrows show you from where to where)

Map – found in the resources below

Tasks as word document

Wednesday20th counting

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Topic resource