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Good Morning Butterfly ClasS

You are half way through the week, keep going, you are all doing amazingly!

Wednesday 24th February 2021



What you will need


WALT- draw and understand pictograms.

1. Warm up on MyMaths. Try to complete at least 2 of the activities, if you have already managed to complete these, have a go on one of the games.

2. Today’s lesson is all about creating your own block graph from given data. Follow the video on how to correctly draw a block graph and then find your survey data in a document below. 

You will find data on

-Favourite Topics of Year 2

- Favourite Subjects of Year 2

- Favourite colours of Year 2

3. You only need to create one block graph but feel free to do more if you wish. Don’t forget to create your title, labels and to use a straight edge to keep it looking really clear and neat.

Video found below the resources


Data to create the graph- found in the resources below.


Graph paper if you need it – found in the resources below.


WALT listen to nursery rhymes and find rhymes.

1. Warm up your brain by writing this week’s spellings in alphabetical order.

2.Today you are going to listen to some nursery rhymes which have been changed slightly. They were written and performed by a very famous poet called Michael Rosen. Use the 2 links below.


        One, two, three is a traditional nursery rhyme, Michael Rosen has added his own verses.

3. Could you hear any rhyming words in these nursery rhymes? Which one did you prefer?

4. Look under today’s work at the Rhyming Words sheet. How many words can you find to rhyme with the words at the top of the cards? Parents, if you child finds it very difficult to understand rhyming words, please have a look at the link instead

Rhyming words sheet found below in resources


If you belong to an Essex library you can use Borrowbox to choose books to read for free. Here is the link…  

Well-being Wednesday


3 screen-free activities for you to choose from. Some can be done inside, and some can be done outside, dependant on the weather.  This week's 3 activities are: 

1. Nature Art

This activity will involve going outside and collecting pieces of nature to make some art with. There is a lovely nature reserve in Maylandsea which you could explore to collect the pieces for your artwork, equally, you could use your garden. Have a look at the pictures below. They are all minibeasts, which have been created from natural materials! What can you find and what minibeast can you create? Send your creation through to your teacher on Dojo if you would like to.

2. Send a letter, send a smile. We all love to get letters and cards through the post. Today, you can be the person to make someone smile by sending a letter. You could draw a picture, make a card, write a letter, write a poem, or come up with your own idea and send it to someone you’ve not been able to see for a while, a friend or family member. If you choose somebody local to you, you could go with a parent to deliver your letter. If not, kindly ask your parents for a stamp and see if you can post your letter together. You never know, you may well receive your own letter through your door today or in the next few days.

3. Make a den

Again, this depends on the weather, but I think you would probably be better building a den inside. You could create a list of things you need before building. Some materials you may want to find are chairs, pegs, blankets, cushions. Have a look at the pictures below for some inspiration and then get building! Remember to check with an adult they are happy with the materials you use and where you build your den before you begin.

Once its built, why not find a soft toy, a book, or a snack and enjoy your time inside your cosy nest.



Maths video

Still image for this video

English resource

Super Cats Part 13

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