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Early Morning Activity


Join in with the following dance (we love this dance at school)-  

Do you feel ready to learn? 

Good Morning Bumblebees!


Have a fantastic day Bumblebees. You are all amazing. 


Wednesday 3rd March 2021



What you will need


To get your Maths brains working I would like you to complete page 9 (adding) of your Maths workbook. Use objects from around the house to help you. 


Today we are going to continue to add two groups together. I would like you to watch my maths video and complete the activities that I ask you to do. 


Please do not feel like you need to do all of the addition sums on the sheet.

Maths workbook- you can still get these from the school office. 



Paper and pencil



WALT- label our work, using our knowledge of sounds to help us. 


1.) Listen to Mrs Davies read ‘The Smartest Giant in Town’ (attached below). Often giants in stories are scary and unkind. Was George like this?


2.) I would like you to Design some new clothes for George (I have added a template to help you). 


3.) Label your picture, using the phase 2/3 sound mat and your robot arms to help you. 




Paper and pen



Phase 2 and 3 sound mat to support formation. 



Read a book on Bug Club, Oxford Owl or a book that you have at home. Can you tell an adult what happened in the story? 

Oxford owl link to free ebooks-




Bug Club- Please message me if you are having trouble logging in. 




1.) Create a drawing of either your house (you could choose one room from your house) or garden. If you are drawing your garden you may want to look out of your bedroom window to make sure you have included all of the details. Try and be creative and have fun.


2.) Invent your very own exercise regime. Make a list of (or draw) the different exercises that you would like to include. For example- 

step 1 - 1 star jumps,

step 2 – 2 hops on each foot.

step 3- bend down to touch your toes 3 times. 

Ask an adult to help you find your pulse on your wrist, is your heart beating fast or are you feeling nice and calm? Once you have done your exercise regime, I would like you to check your pulse again. What do you notice? Is your heart beating faster? Do you feel hot?



Paper and a pencil 

Wednesday 3rd March 2021


Still image for this video

The Smartest Giant in Town

Still image for this video