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Early Morning Activity


Wake up and shake up with this fun song-  

Good Morning Bumblebees!

Wednesday 27th January 2021



What you will need


I would like you to hold up 3 fingers. Now show me an amount less than 3 with your fingers. Can you show me an amount more than 3 using your fingers? 


Using objects from around the house I would like you to give three of your teddies different amounts of objects. Does anyone have the same? Is it fair? Encourage the children to notice that some teddies have more and some have less/fewer. Can you now make it fair so that your teddies have the same amount of objects? Using the cards attached below (you will need to cut the pictures out) I would like you to place them flat down on the floor. With a partner you are going to take it in turn to pick a card up. Who has more? Who has less/fewer? Please reinforce the language of more, less and fewer. 



Paper and pen


Objects from around the house


Three teddies


Picture cards (saved below)




Last week you explored different moods. You also created a story map of 'The Three Little Pigs' to help you re-tell the story in your own words. You could look at your story map to remind yourself of the story plot or you could watch the following video-

/videos/video_everyday_pigs.html?source=search-all-all-all-all&source-keywords=Three%20little%20pigs  (Username- student35479  Password- maylandsea)


This week I would like you to think about how the wolf and the three little pigs would have felt in the story. Would they have felt scared/happy/excited/hungry/angry? 


I would like you to pretend to be the pigs and the wolf in the story. Use the following sentence starter to help you express how they would have felt.."I am......" 


You are now going to write your simple sentences on the activity sheet below. Your sentence's should start with 'I am..... as you are pretending to be the different characters. Remember to use your robot arms to hear the sounds. Please do not copy the sentence from an adult, I would like you to have a go first. 

Paper and pen


'The Three Little Pigs' activity sheet.


Phase 2 and 3 sound mat to support formation. 



Read a book on Bug Club, Oxford Owl or a book that you have at home. Can you tell an adult what happened in the story? 

Oxford owl link to free ebooks-




Bug Club- Please message me if you are having trouble logging in. 


Every Wednesday afternoon from now on is going to be screen-free. Instead, I will set 3 screen-free activities for you to choose from.  Some can be done inside and some can be done outside, dependant on the weather.  This week's 3 activities are:


1.     Take a sneaky walk around the block pretending everyone's a secret agent. Try to hide behind shrubs to remain unseen by passing vehicles or other pedestrians.  Make notes/drawings about what you see (eg. how many people have you seen, how many people didn't see you, how many people you know, how many cars or dogs you saw, etc)


2.     Go for a walk and make an alphabet list of things you see.  Before you go, write out your alphabet and see how many things you can spot that starts with each letter.  Can you find something that starts with each letter? If anyone spots a zebra, I will be very impressed!


3.     Relax by doing something creative indoors.  This could be baking, playing a board game, doing a puzzle, colouring or anything that is fun and enjoyable.





Paper and a pencil 

Maths resources