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WALA: the skeletal system.


So far, in learning about our body we have looked at the circulatory system and also healthy eating.  We have mentioned some important organs, especially the heart, so we are going to progress to looking at how the skeleton works and what is its purpose.  


This lesson will be a practical one, in that you will watch some clips of the skeletal system, have a mini-quiz after reading a powerpoint, play an interactive game in which you label bones and put them in the correct place and finally complete an activity.


It is important you learn and then remember the 3 functions of the skeletal system and also which of these functions are used by the major bones of the body.


So, start the lesson by watching the following 2 clips: and  These will tell you about the skeletal system also tell you the scientific names for some of the bones in your body.


Once you have done this, look at the powerpoint in Resources.  Read through it, answering the questions as they come up.


The third task is to go to the following webpage: and play the games that are on there.  One game asks you to label the bones and the other game is to put the bones into a skeleton in the correct place.


Finally, the fourth task is a drawing one.  I would like you to draw around a part of your body and then fill in the drawing with the bones that make up that body part.  For example, you can draw around your arm and hand and add all of the bones that you find in your arm and hand.  If you want to be really challenged and have enough paper, lie down and ask an adult to draw around your body and put as many bones in as you can.


Have fun!