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Good Morning Butterfly Class!

Wednesday 13th January



What you will need


1. Warm your maths brains by counting in 2s forward to 20 whilst star jumping, then try counting backwards in 2s whilst doing a burpee (remember those from PE J, reach up high then down like a press up)

2. Counting in your 2s can help you with your 2 times tables. If you have 5 x 2, you can put up 5 fingers, count in your twos on every finger and you will finish with the answer.

2, 4, 6, 8, 10. Have a few practises with this.

Try these




3. Listen to the 2 times table song, can you remember any of the 2 times table questions without having to count in your twos?

4. Complete the 2 times table worksheet.

5. If you would like to have a look at the Animal Rescue game on the Class Page.

Worksheet – find it in the resources section below.

2 times table song -



  1. How many of your spellings can you think of today, can you write them down? Try this link for an online wordsearch you may enjoy.


2.The plate you looked at yesterday tells a story. Listen to the shortened version of The Willow Pattern Story.

3. Look again at plate in the resources. What can you see in the pictures that matches the story?

4. Watch story on the link again. Which is your favourite part of the story? Do you think it has a happy ending?  

5. If you would like to listen to the full story you can find it on the second link.

The willow pattern story -



The willow pattern plate – found in the resources below

(same resource as yesterday’s if you decided to save it or print it off)

The willow pattern story in full -


Read along with Michelle Obama.

Video -

Topic - Geography

Find out some facts about China

Use Espresso as a safe searching tool.

It will show you KS1 Geography Passport

Click China on the continent of Asia

Now look for    






Click on it find out about China.

Write down 3 new facts you have learnt about China.

Espresso link -



Username: student35479 password: maylandsea