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Find your class homework here in the event of coronavirus school closure

Date set:  Week beginning:  06.04.2020

In the event of school closure children are expected to complete:

-A Math challenge

-English/Phonics challenge

-A topic challenge of their choice (see grid below)

-20 minutes reading daily. 

-Timestable practice (2's, 5's,10's and 3's) for year 2's.  

 A challenge a day!

One of the first things you could do is draw/paint a picture of Easter to place in the window that can been seen from the road.  This could be the Easter story or just a picture with the Easter bunny and eggs.  This way when people are walking past they can see how many different Easter scenes they can count on their walk.  Add a little cheer to their day in this trying time.  


Good morning my awesome Butterfly class. I hope you are keeping well and safe.  I have loved seeing some of your work on class dojo.  Please keep all the good work up.  Even though it is Easter Holidays, we have found some work that you can do to keep your brains going and stop you from getting bored.  The main thing I would like you to do is have fun, relax and stay safe.  Make sure you read every day (a book a day keeps the cobwebs away).    Remember these are ideas and you do NOT have to do them.  I am going to list them but you do not have to do them in a particular order.  Pick and choose what you would like to do (like our chilli challenges for homework).  Have fun and don’t forget to send me photos of some of your finished work. 

Design an Easter bonnet or hat (it can be a cap).  On your design you must label and explain what you will need.  Don’t forget to add colour. 

.  If you can try and make your Easter bonnet/hat/cap that you designed. 

.  Paint your own Easter eggs (hard boil some eggs and then paint some designs on them).  Pretend you are the Easter bunny and hide them in the garden for someone else to find. 

.  Create your own spring treasure hunt.  Make a list of different things you could find in the garden and then ask your parents to see if they can find them all (these could be anything from feathers to particular colour flowers – remember you can use your French colours to add a level of difficulty). 

.  Using melted chocolate and shredded wheat (or rice crispies), make your own Easter nests.  Once you have made them see if you can write the instructions on how to make them. 

.  Design and make your own Easter Cards (you could pop one in your neighbour’s door to cheer them up).

These should be enough for the first week.  I look forward to hearing from you on Class Dojo.  Stay safe, have fun and remember this isn’t forever. 

I hope you have a wonderful Easter :)


Welcome to Butterfly Class

Mrs MacNeil is the class teacher


In Butterfly class, some of the children are in year 1 and some are in year 2.


Our teacher is called Mrs MacNeil and we have a number of other adults that work in our class at different times during the week; Mrs Jackson, Mrs Allen-Dudley, Mrs Everett and Mrs Jowit.


Autumn term: What makes Britain Great?

Spring term: What’s up there?

Summer term: Is water everywhere?





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