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Butterfly Class

Welcome to Butterfly Class


Mrs Lavender-Mitchell is the class teacher and Mrs Jackson, Mrs Jowitt and Mrs Allen-Dudley also work in the classroom. 


Out topics this year are:

Autumn term: Fire, Fire

Spring term: China

Summer term: The Circus



Here are some useful links

We love to read!

Find some home schooling activities here if you find yourselves having to isolate or if the schools have to close again.

 If you have any queries or need support, please contact us via the message system on class dojo. Try to keep your day as follows

- A maths activity

- An English activity

- 15 minutes of reading (Don’t forget to use Bug club on Pearsons active learn) 

- 15 minutes looking for and practising words with the weekly spelling rule (you will find this on class dojo)

- A topic challenge  

- Time tables practice ( 2s,5s,10s and 3s) Don't forget to use TT rockstars

- Keep active - skipping round the garden, go for a family bike ride/walk or why not try a Joe Wickes PE session...



Maths Activities

Active activity  –

  1. Put a set of 1-20 number cards around the room or garden in different places
  2. Jump around the activity area and collect a card, then continue and jump to collect the card which when added to the first one will make 20
  3. Carry on playing until all 20 cards have been collected and paired up
  4. Vary the way you travel each time.
  5. (If need be only use 1-10 cards or extend it to finding pairs to 100)


Put the cards face down. Can you remember where the pairs of cards are that total 20? Jump to find each pair of cards!


Practise some adding 2 digit numbers. Beware of the red sums!! J

45+12=                43+38=

56+23=                 34+19=

37+11=                 62+29=

46+22=                36+26=

52+25=                 65+29=


Star Jump maths –

Take a few objects, such as toy bricks, marbles, pebbles etc, and count them. There should be less than 10

Put them in a pile somewhere else

Repeat this twice more, so you have three small piles of a number of objects

Now add the numbers of the three piles together and note it down in a number sentence e.g. 4 +6 + 5 = 15

Do that many star jumps! Repeat with 3 different piles. How many different number sentences can you create?


Try adding a bigger pile (more than 10 objects) to a smaller pile, and doing that many star jumps as well!


English Activities

Reading Comprehension (please choose from the colours below depending on your child’s reading colour, the reading comprehension will be found in the resources below)


Noun hunt.

Can you find 3 nouns beginning with s, 3 nouns beginning with a and 3 nouns beginning with t somewhere around your house? If you are struggling, maybe look in your reading book, some may be in there.

 Remember a noun is an person, place or thing… we try to remember them by saying can I see it, touch it, can I put the or a in front of it? Table…. The table (works) … but skipping… The skipping (doesn’t work).. this rule obviously doesn’t work with all nouns but it can help identify most.)


Handwriting –

Practise your handwriting by picking 3 sentences in your reading book to copy out. Try your best to remember the formation of each letter.

-all letters (except capitals) start on the line

-caterpillar letters (a c o d q g) all start with a c

-tall letters ( l t h b k) all start by going straight up.

-try and join but remember some letters are better left not joined to their next letter…. (r  b  p g y)


Adjectives –

Can you find an amazing adjective and use it in 3 completely different sentences? It can be one that you have found in a book, an adult has given you or just one that you have thought of. Repeat this for 2 more adjectives.

Remember an adjective is a word that describes something.