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Deer Class

Welcome to Deer Class

Mrs MacNeil is our class teacher

About us

In Deer class, we are all in year 3 and this is our first year of Keystage 2.  


About us:

Our teacher is Mrs MacNeil. We also have Mrs Pearce, who works with us every morning, Mrs Lodge works with us on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings and Mrs Dobney who works with us on Thursday and Friday mornings.  

We have Mrs O'Connell, Mrs Hughes who work with us in the afternoons as well as Mrs Beer who works with us on a Tuesday and Thursday (all day) and Friday afternoons.  

If you need to contact us, please use the message system on class Dojo or phone through the office. 

Dr Rudman's maths challenge

Dr Rudman has set you all a fun math's challenge. 

I am sure you will all enjoy it.  

Remember to take photos and send them to me on Dojo 

Week beginning 1st March

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Week beginning 22nd February 2021

The Fibonacci Sequence.mp4

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Week beginning 8th February 2021

KS2 Prime Numbers.mp4

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Week beginning 1st February

Magic Squares KS2.mp4

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Magic Triangles video KS2.mp4

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Week beginning 11th January 2021

3 towers maths activity.mp4

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Challenge for week beginning 18th January 2021

Dice Maths Challenge


You will need 2 dice (or you can roll 1 die 2 times for each go if you haven’t got 2 dice)

Warm up activities

  1. If 5 is on the top, what is on the bottom? Try this with other numbers and write what you notice about the totals of the top and bottom faces.
  2. What other patterns can you spot on a die?

Main investigation

  1. Roll 2 dice and add up the total each time. (Eg 2+6=8) Keep a record of your sums. Do this 50 times. a) Which totals appear least often? Write why you think this happens b) which totals appear most often? Write why you think this happens.

Extension activities

  1. What is the probability of throwing a 6 when you roll 1 die?
  2. What is the probability of throwing an even number when you roll 1 die?
  3. What is the probability of throwing a number greater than 4 when you roll 1 die?
  4. What is the probability of throwing a total of 1 when you roll 2 dice?

Dice Challenge

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Some PE fun

Scientists hard at work.

Bringing English fables to life

Welcome to Deer Class

Homework is obviously the best way for you to support your child at school. Reading with them regularly, talking to them about their writing (talk homework) and helping them with their spellings and times tables are essential.


Reading: Children need to read at home with an adult at least three times a week. This reading should be recorded in their reading records and signed by an adult. In addition, they should be encouraged to read independently as much as possible. When reading with them it is helpful to ask them questions on what they have read to check their understanding and develop their inference and deduction skills. Children receive various rewards for reading at home. We appreciate your support with helping your child with this crucial skill. Reading books and diaries will need to be in school every day.  


Maths: Homework will be given to the children once a week. It will be My Maths or a worksheet.  Homework will be checked every week and team points given to children who have completed it.


Spellings:  This year we are trying a new way to teach spellings.  The children are going to be given a spelling rule.  While they are reading, talking to you or just while being out and about they need to find words with the rule.  They will be tested on the Friday where they will try and write the words they have found correctly.    Each week, we will ask the children to write the spellings that they have remembered and then put these words into sentences. Our hope is that the children will have moved these words into their long term memory and be able to use them again in the future.


Chilli challenges: Homework books contain all the chilli challenges. We generally expect one chilli challenge to be completed a week but appreciate some may be more time consuming. We hope that the children find this a fun way to complete their homework and a good opportunity for them to share their topic learning with you.

Deer Class - Information Booklet