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Wow! We have reached the Easter holidays so relax and get outside whenever you can. We have provided you with a menu of activities that you can do if you want. There are starters, some mains and of course some delicious deserts. Below you will find the menu and the resources you will need. Take care and see you soon

Find your weekly class homework here. Enjoy doing some fabulous home learning! 


Children are kindly requested to complete the following work daily. 

- A maths challenge

- An English challenge (including spelling)

- 30 minutes of reading

-Topic Challenge

- Times tables practice


Web resources


These are a growing selection of websites that you may find useful to support the activities we are setting, or to do.


Espresso is an excellent resource with videos, texts and lessons on all topics from Reception to Y6 


Log in at   Ask your child's teacher for the username and password via Class Dojo.



Reading resources


- Children can read their own books independently and log their reading using the reading log attached, which encourages them to monitor and reflect on what they read.

- Or they could read Bug Club books independently as this gives interactive questions as they read.

- Or if they are reading with an adult there are some question ideas attached to encourage discussion and reflection on their reading.

Week beginning: 30.03.20


The maths and English tasks will be uploaded weekly.

A grid of 5 topic challenges will be uploaded by Sunday night- children can choose one of these to complete each day. 

Choose one activity from below in addition to your daily maths and English activities.






Look at the notes that you made last week on either The Louisiana Purchase'. 'The Gold Rush, or The Transcontinental Railroad' With your notes can you produce a powerpoint presentation on your chosen topic (if you don't have powerpoint you download an alternative from here (but ask an adult first please!) Your presentation should include:




A title page

An introduction (explain briefly the topic that you are going to tell people about)

Include a slide of facts about your chosen topic

A map or two that show your topic clearly


Extra challenge – Create a glossary to explain any topic words that you have used in your presentation.


Now go and show your presentation to others in your family and wow them with your knowledge!






Well done with your fantastic Native American Art last week if you chose to do it. As we complete our America's topic we are going to fast forward to modern day New York and challenge you to create a skyscraper silhouette! We did something similar for the Blitz before Christmas


You will need:


White paper

Black card (you can colour in white paper/card if you do not have black card


You can use the designs on the document below, or choose your own design


Extra challenges: choose The Statue of Liberty, and/or include a design with some cut out windows!


Extra extra challenge: Look at this video tutorial and draw your own silhouette then paint





Over the last few weeks you have been learning about the weather in French. As a refresher, and practise the vocabulary on the powerpoint. You can also go to Google Tranlsate and put in some words and phrases in and repeat them. Using the sheet below, can you work out the weather that is being described and draw it in the boxes (aujord'hui means today)


If you want an extra challenge then you can choose some weather that isn't on the sheet and draw some extra pictures






Reversible or Irreversible? It is time to get outside and get a little mucky. You are going to make your own water filter. Have a look at this video to see why filtering water is so important.


Firstly you need to get a jug of muddy water. Your next challenge is to make a water filter. You need (don't worry if you don't have all of these though). 2 litre bottle, gravel, sand, cotton wool and some larger stones (4/5cm length). If you don't have any of these then don't worry. You can look at this video of a completed filter


Challenge! Make your own water filter and see if it works and answer the following questions.


Does the filter work? Does the filter keep working? Is this a reversible or irrerversilbe change? Why does it work? How could you improve filter. Share photps and videos with your friends and teachers, so you can compare the filters. Enjoy!


Personal, Social & Health Education (PSHCE)



Keep a gratitude journal for a week. In this booklet each day you can list what you have done to make other people happy in the day as well as people, or events that have made you happy. Examples may be follows: helped dad with cooking the dinner; phoned my nan to see how she was; heard the birds singing in the garden or eating a lovely breakfast. It is up to you.


You can use the template below, or create your own. Write down with care and best presentation. You may decide that you want to do this each week!