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Parents' Forum

What is our Parents' Forum?

At Maylandsea we believe that a parents’ forum offers a useful, informal way for parents and staff to come together and discuss the development of the school. We like to encourage parents to build partnerships that will promote their involvement in their child’s education.

A parents’ forum is a fluid and active group for our school, arranged around a series of meetings organised by the headteacher.


The aims and purposes of our Parents’ Forum are  

  • To give parents a voice in the school.  
  • To involve parents in the life of the school.  
  • To deliver a free flow of communications between parents and staff.  
  • To act as a link with all parents at the school and the community we serve.


The guiding principles of our forum are  

  • Supporting and developing the school 
  • Respecting and listening to all views 
  • Adopting a positive approach, focusing on constructive feedback and positive suggestions.


Who is involved in the forum?

All parents and at the school are given the opportunity to attend the forum and take part in discussions. It does not have responsibilities or decision making powers. These belong to the governing body. For example the Parents’ Forum cannot change policies, but can comment on them prior to their implementation.


How do we manage our meetings?

Responsibility for the organisation and management of the forum rests with the Headteacher. Meetings are informal but have a structure. Parents are given the opportunity to suggest ideas for future meetings.


How do we organise our forum?

The forum meets every half term (6 times a year) with a clear agenda. Issues selected for discussion should meet the school’s aims and objectives and encourage a genuine two way flow of information between parents and staff to ensure that these discussions are beneficial.  Some examples might include discussions about:  

  • School policies and how they are implemented
  • Organisation of the school day 
  • Lunchtimes and school meals 
  • Curriculum 
  • Links with the community.  
  • Special Educational Needs 
  • New government initiatives  
  • Courses and training parents would like.


What are our ground rules?

No issues will be selected that would bring the school into disrepute. Everyone at the forum is entitled to hold an opinion, or to disagree with an opinion, but these must not become personalised. The forum is not the place to air grievances. Equally it is not the place to discuss the progress or attainment of individual children within the school.


How do we publish the agendas and minutes of meetings?

These will be placed on this page and parents will be informed of meetings and minutes on the weekly newsletter.