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Find your class homework here for the event of coronavirus school closure

Date set: WC- 6th/ 13th April 2021


Good morning Bumblebees. I hope you are well and keeping safe.  I have really enjoyed seeing some of your amazing work on class dojo.  Please keep up the good work and continue sending me photos.  Even though it is Easter Holidays, I have attached some work that you can do to keep your brains going. Please make sure you continue to read every day (I am sure you are all doing this).  These are only ideas and you do NOT have to do them. Remember to have fun, relax and stay safe. 


Here are some fun Easter challenges -


-Make some Easter cupcakes/ nests

-How many birds can see/ hear in your garden? Challenge- Can you create a tally of how many birds there are? 

-Build a rocket out of lego

-Play a board game

-Make finger puppets

-Make a fitness routine and put your family through their paces

-Have an indoor/outdoor picnic with your toys

-Sketch a flower in your garden 

-Go on a maths scavenger hunt and find the following items-

*Find 2 pencils and 1 blue crayon. How many items do you have now?

*Find 5 blocks and 2 pennies. How many items do you have now? Take away 3 blocks. How many items are left?

*Find 4 socks and 2 toys. How many items do you have all together?

*Find 3 spoons, 4 books and 1 orange crayon. How many items do you have all together?  

-Make an Easter animal cone (attached below) 

-Make some Easter cards for your family (attached below). Don't forget to use your sound mat to help you.

-Create an Easter basket (attached below)

- Recap over the sounds we have learnt so far- Ask an adult to call out a digraph (two letters that make one sound) and see if you can write it. 

- Complete the fun Easter maths addition pack (attached below)

- Do some Easter egg mindfulness colouring (attached below)

- Do this fun yoga activity- 

- If you can go on an Easter egg hunt around the garden

- Complete the simple sentence writing task (attached below). I have also attached 'The Easter Story' PP if you would like to complete the first page on the writing task. 



Children are requested to complete the following work daily. 

- A maths challenge

- An English / Phonics challenge

- 10 minutes of reading (Bug Club or your own books at home) 

- A topic challenge of their choice


Joe Wicks is doing a P.E session for children at 9am on his Youtube channel everyday (Monday-Friday). 


Children can choose one of these topic challenges to complete each day. 


Weekly challenges for the whole week 

Choose 1 per day in addition to your daily maths and English tasks (reading daily)



Maths- Can you count forwards to 20 using the song to help you- Can you count back from 20? Using paper and a pen can you write out the numbers 1-20. Placing them on the floor ask an adult to call out a number for you to find. Challenge- ask an adult to call out a number 1-20, can you write it down? 



Starter- Play this phase 3 phonics game and name an alien-  

Now create your own alien and write his/ hers silly name underneath (use your sound mats to help you) Extra challenge- Write a sentence about your alien using the sentence starter- He/she has........                                          


Topic- Using Expresso (link on ClassDojo) or Google can you find out some facts about the sun. Challenge- Can you make a poster using your new facts that you learnt about the sun. Don't forget to use your sound mats to help with your spelling. 



Maths-  Complete the activity saved below (Day 1- What the ladybird heard). 


Phonics-  Sing along and recap the sounds we have learnt- Now play on some phonics games on phonics play- . Alternatively phonics bloom is another great resource-


Topic- Go on an indoor scavenger hunt. Can you find the following items? 

- A toy with wheels

-A book with the first letter of your name in the title

-A pair of matching socks

-Four things that are green

-Something very soft 

-Something round

-A book with numbers in it

-A toy smaller than your hand

-A toy that has three different colours


Extra challenge-  Write a list of items for a family member to find (you can draw pictures to help). 




Maths- Using a teddy bear and a table ask your adult to read the following instructions to you.

Put the teddy under the table. 

Put the teddy on top of the table.

Put the teddy next to the table. 

Put the teddy behind the table.

Put the teddy in front of the table.

How did you do? Did you know the positional language? Can you ask an adult to follow your instructions using positional language? 


Phonics/ English- On one of your daily walks can you think carefully about what you see, hear, touch and smell (you could take a note pad to jot these things down). When you return home can you write a sensory poem- 

I see.....

I hear.........

I touch.......

I smell........


Topic- Can you make an obstacle course in your garden? Ask your family to try and complete your obstacle course, can you record their times? Who was the quickest? Can you beat your time? 


Maths- Complete the activity below (Day 2- what the ladybird heard)


Phonics- Recap the sounds we have learnt so far-

Watch the following video of Geraldine introducing the 'ng' sound-

Can you read the following words using your robot arms-





Using the phoneme spotter below can you underline the 'ng' digraph. Challenge- Can you read some of the words that have the 'ng' digraph in? 

Can you think of a silly sentence using some 'ng' words e.g. "The king had a red swing". Keep saying your sentence until you can remember it (we say a sentence in lots of silly voices to get it stuck in our heads), now write it in your home learning books. Tip- Do not forget to count how many words there are in your sentence this will help you when you write it down. 


Topic- Draw a picture of a flower/plant in your garden, in a week draw it again. Has the flower/ plant changed? How? Has it grown bigger? Challenge- Can you research different parts of a flower/plant and label your picture?  


Maths- Play on some counting games-  


Phonics- Sing the tricky word song- Now play the phase 3 snakes and ladders game that you will find attached below. 


Topic- Using the link, complete this fun yoga activity- 



Welcome to Bumblebee Class

Miss Lofthouse is the class teacher and Miss Back is the class LSA

Our class topics for the year are:

Autumn 1 - Superheroes 

Autumn 2 –Great Britain

Spring 1 – Around the world 

Spring 2 - Space

Summer 1 –Minibeasts

Summer 2 – Water


We are the Early Years Foundation Stage where learning takes place through purposeful play opportunities that are led and directed by the children.


Any child's first year at school is the most important stage of their schooling journey. This year provides children with the skills necessary to later progress onto a formal approach to learning. 


We strive to ensure all children gain secure personal, social and emotional skills, communication and language and physical skills in order to establish firm foundations, which can later be built upon when learning the academic skills, such as literacy and mathematics. 


We work closely with parents and families to ensure a positive and supportive relationship is developed to enhance the outcomes of all children. 


You will find lots of useful and important information about Bumblebee class in the downloadable booklet below. 


Please also take a look at the following links where you can find some interesting reads to help and support your child within their development and learning. 


Books we are looking at this half term- Supertato, Traction Man, Superkid and Captain Underpants.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Bubblebee Class Information Booklet

Here are some links to help you with reading, number work and keeping safe on the Internet