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Bumblebee Class

Mrs Moody is the class teacher and Mr Terry is the class LSA

Welcome to Bumblebee Class

Our class topics for the year are:

Autumn 1 - Superheroes 

Autumn 2 - Celebrations 

Spring 1 - our world 

Spring 2 - Where shall we go?

Summer 1 -Where does my food come from/

Summer 2 - Fun at the circus


We are the Early Years Foundation Stage where learning takes place through purposeful play opportunities that are led and directed by the children.


Any child's first year at school is the most important stage of their schooling journey. This year provides children with the skills necessary to later progress onto a formal approach to learning. 


We strive to ensure all children gain secure personal, social and emotional skills, communication and language and physical skills in order to establish firm foundations, which can later be built upon when learning the academic skills, such as literacy and mathematics. 


We work closely with parents and families to ensure a positive and supportive relationship is developed to enhance the outcomes of all children. 


You will find lots of useful and important information about Bumblebee class in the downloadable booklet below. 


Please also take a look at the following links where you can find some interesting reads to help and support your child within their development and learning. 


If your child is in Ladybird class  (split year one reception class) and in their early years, then this page is also very relevant to you and your child. Please visit both class pages to gain access to as much information as possible in order to support your child. 


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. 


Bubblebee Class Information Booklet 2017-2018

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