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Find your class homework here in the event of coronavirus school closure

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In the event of school closure children are expected to complete:

-A Math challenge

- An English challenge

- A Phonics challenge

-A topic challenge 

-20 minutes reading daily. ( you can use bug club, your own books or other online books)

- You might also want to follow Joe Wicks  daily PE lessons


Well done for all your hard work over the last 2 weeks.  I have loved seeing your pictures and will continue to share these on Class Dojo as I know you like to see each other.

This should now be the Easter holidays so there will be no set tasks for you to complete. However I know lots of you like to keep busy so I have put some ideas for you to try if you wish. You do not have to do these and you may think of your own ideas to keep busy.  Of course you can always read a book to keep your brain busy. The main thing is to stay safe.

You could also :

Design and make an Easter Bonnet;

paint some hard boiled eggs and make an easter egg hunt

Week beginning 30.3.2020

Here are this week's challenges. If you haven't finished last weeks and want to have a go at them they are still on this page.



English;  Listen to Floella Benjamin read Chicken Licken at As you listen, make a note of who Chicken Licken meets. NB It’s very good for children to LISTEN to a story and follow it without pictures! This really improves their listening skills.

Phonics:  Do the igh  worksheet sorting the words into different ways to make igh.

Maths:  Do one of the measure length activity cards. 

Topic:  Art   Continuing with your planet that you created last week, are there any living creatures?  You need to create an animal and a ‘person’.  Your animal could be anything (you can put 2 real animals together to create a new one) and your ‘person’ also does not have to be real.  Let your imaginations go.  Remember they must stick to the theme of your planet (if your planet was made of sweets then they must be as well).  You can label your creations.


English: Respond to a story On Chicken Licken and his Friends, order the animals in the story.  Write a sentence underneath, explaining what all the animals (apart from Foxy Loxy) wanted to do. You can use the sheet in the resources below.

Phonics:  Look at the sound mats. Can you say each sound? Can you think of a word with that sound in it?

Maths:  Once upon a measure sheets.

Topic:    Write a description of your animal and person that you have found on your planet.  Tell me what they look like, what they do, if they have any powers/weaknesses.  Where do they live on the planet (in craters)?  Remember to use full sentences and try to use the conjunctions:  because, and, but, so.  Don’t forget adjectives! 😊   


English: Now for some writing Chicken Licken was scared and worried that the sky was falling on his head.  On When I was a bit scared and worried, write some sentences about a time YOU were scared or worried. I was a bit scared and worried when...  Make sure you start your sentences with capital letters and end them with full stops.  See if you can use the word and to join some of your sentences together.  Draw a picture to go with your writing.

Phonics  Choose some tricky words from the sound mat given last week. Practice reading and and spelling them. 

Maths:  dance along with the super movers Can you try to measure in cm using a ruler? measure things around the house using a ruler or use the sheet below. Remember to start at 0.

Topic;  Science Design a bug hotel.  Think of the different types of minibeasts that you would like in your hotel and what their habitat needs.  Don’t forget to label your hotel.  


English: On Chicken Licken Says draw a picture of Chicken Licken under the speech bubble. Write what Chicken Licken always said when he met an animal. Or  Stage a show of Chicken Licken starring your teddies and stuffed animals. 

Phonics   Can you spell the words to go with the pictures on the alternative igh sheet? You do not need to do all of them.

Maths    Write out the numbers 0-10  on pieces of paper. turn them over. Can you find a pair that make 10?

Challenge do this for numbers 0-20. Can you find a pair that make 20?

Topic      French Complete one or two of the Easter egg French colour pages, don’t forget to keep practising the pronunciations of the colours. Can you also remember how to say each number in French? 

(Sheets found in block below)  - numbers   - colours


English  On Chicken Licken – Other Creatures draw four new animals or birds that Chicken Licken might have met. Write their rhyming names underneath.

Phonics can you put some of the igh words into sentences?

Maths   Solve the Easter egg secret message using you adding and subtracting. see sheet below

Topic    RE  Read through the Easter Journal with an adult, can you answer the questions about the story?  

PowerPoint in block below. 


English activities

IWeek beginning 23.3.2020

One of the first things you might like to do is draw/paint a rainbow to place in the window that can been seen from the road.  This way when people are walking past they can see how many rainbows they can count on their walk.  Add a little cheer to their day in this trying time.  See if you can see any other rainbows on your walks too.



English:. Listen to an oral story ‘Dragon/Dinosaur’ is told by Wilf Merttens at 

Phonics:  Practise your sounds using the sound mat below. This week we will be looking at the long i sound made by igh, ie and i-e. Play a game on phonics play choosing one of these sounds.

Maths:   Compare some lengths and heights of objects around your house. Which is longer/ shorter/ taller/ bigger/ smaller?

Topic:   Art:  you have discovered a new planet.  Draw a large circle.  Take your pencil for a walk (draw squiggles and curved lines without lifting your pencil up.)  Then choose 3 colours and colour in the random spaces creating a pattern.     



English: Respond to the story What fierce, scary creatures did the people in the town try to frighten away the dragon dinosaur with?  Draw the creatures on the Fierce, Scary Creatures page.  ( see resources below) Label each one with their name.  In the empty spaces, draw and name other fierce and scary creatures that could have been used to frighten the Dragon Dinosaur.

Phonics: Can you find any words with igh, ie or i-e in any reading books? make a list. Are there any other ways to make a long i sound? eg. kind

Maths:  Measure 10 objects using paper clips or lego or  other small objects. Can you put them in order?

Topic:  Creative writing:  Write a brief description of the planet you discovered.  What is it made of?  Does it have a name?  Try and be as creative as you can, remember magpie ideas from other stories (I have just discovered a new planet, it is the most colourful planet you have ever seen.  When I landed on it, it was really squishy.  I bent down and noticed it was made from slime but when I walked the slime let off a beautiful smell (like candy floss).   



English: Now for some writing  On My Favourite Part of the Story, draw a picture of the bit you liked most.  Write sentences explaining why you liked that bit the most. The Useful Words will help you with spellings.

Phonics: practise reading and writing some tricky words from the list below

Maths: Do the jump to it activity below

Topic: Internet Safety. As you will be probably be using the internet lots over the next few weeks. Look at this website with a grown up  Make a poster on how to stay safe online.


English: How many different dinosaurs do you know about? Find out about dinosaurs at or from books at home

Phonics: On Phonics play go to phase 5 alternative igh . Look at best bet and play word sorter.

Maths:  Write your number bonds to 10. Can you give the subtraction facts as well?

Topic:  Science:  What do seeds need to grow?  Investigate what seeds need to grow by growing some seeds in plastic cups and cotton wool.  Make sure some have water, some don't, some have light and some don't.  Then over the next few weeks observe and record how well each one is growing.  ( If you do not have seeds perhaps research this online.) 

The seedlings can then be planted in your garden or given to a neighbour. 


English: In the story the class are getting ready for the New Year’s party. What do you do if you are having a party? Draw a picture and make a list of all the preparations you might make on We Are Having a Party!  Have a party with your toys!

Phonics:  Try to read the phoneme spotter on phonics play phase 5 alternative igh

Maths: Make different numbers to 50 . Can you say how many  tens and ones are in each number? eg. 48 is 40 + 8 or 4 tens and 8 ones.

Topic: Practise your French colours, a worksheet can be found in the block below, you can either use your computer to colour it in, print it off, or create your own version by copying it into your exercise book. listen to the song to help you with the pronunciations.


If you have any questions please contact me via class Dojo



English Activities

Maths activities

Topic resources

Welcome to Ladybird Class with Mrs Davies and Mrs Everett

Ladybird class is a year one class.

Our teacher is called Mrs Davies and we have Mrs Everett who also works with us four mornings a week.

Our topics for the year are:

Autumn term: What makes Britain Great?

Spring term: What’s up there?

Summer term: Is water everywhere?




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